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Prodigal Writer Returns


Hi folks!! I have been missing in action for a while and  I am rusty as nails left out in the rain all week. That being said, lets just be happy to see one another and worry too much about the time spent apart right? right! I knew you would understand 🙂 much obliged!

Moving along about books now. I have been somewhat of a promiscuous reader and I have stickied my fingers from having them in so many different pots at the same time lol!

So let me just present a short…er…maybe that’s not exactly accurate, but here follows a list nonetheless of all the  books I have had my nose in all for the past month:

Middlemarch by George Eliot

Horse Stealers and Other Stories by Anton Chekov

Clochemerle-les-Bains by Gabriel Chevallier (the funniest read by far)

Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin

and finally

Room by Emma Donoghue

They are all very thrilling and I will relish over them until they are all done and hopefully provide reviews for all of them soon. I have read other books during the  “vacation” that I took, but by now am sure I actually don’t remember some of the story lines- let alone some of the characters. Am I the only one that seems to forget about a book almost a week after reading it and then feel guilty about it? As if I feel like I have let down the characters in some way…Nobody??Anyone? Okay glad to see you’re all crazies then 😀 LOL!


Of course I was not just going to leave like that. Here’s a poem I wrote a while back and it made me a little melancholic when I reread it. Let it speak to the few of you out there that are ever in a bind. 



There are people in my curtains.

They tell me things. Nice things.

But only when I am alone.


They are not always around, no… Not always.

They talk to me un-summoned, always when I need.

Sometimes I want them to talk,

But only and always…when I need.


In my unspeakable bliss, they share it with me,

It was so, on my graduation.

In my knotty nervousness, they speak with calm and cool,

It was so on my wedding.

In my loneliest depression, they keep me company with banter,

It was so during my rehabilitation.


For now they are not talking.

I want them to

I am not in need however.

If they do talk, I will tell them everything.

About the tests,

The horrid stuff that makes me numb.

I will tell them all!

How the orderlies smile, indifferent in their mundaneness.

The nurses with their feigned love.

Behind those eyes- pity and fear.

When I sleep, they say my mind is gone,

And nobody cares about my hands being cold.

Yes, yes, I will tell.


Today I am sure they will talk.

Who? Why, the people in my curtains of course!

They whisper things, nice things.

But only when I am alone.


That’s all for today folks, now I am off to a most needed tea break 😉 Cheers!


“The Kamasutra”

 “Vatsyayana says, that as variety is necessary in love, so love is to be produced by means of variety” 

“Though a man loves a girl ever so much, he never succeeds in winning her without a great deal of talking” 

~Vatsyayana (“The Kamasutra”)~

I have been crazy busy off late and consequently neglected to write but with a few stolen minutes this is is my review on ” The Kamasutra” by Vatsyayana. So I am here to set the record straight:

1. It is not a book of pictures of sexual positions (somebody say gutter?) it in fact, has not a single picture!

2.It is not a book of sage wisdom on sexual positions either

3. it is also not an instructional manual for sex (u can check out or for those 😉 , sorry no links, ha!)

It is however, a book on sexual relations. At least that part is down right with most people I have spoken to. It was written by Vatsyayana (not sure why he/she didn’t have another name, or who they really were as an authority on sex, so to speak…) and not much is said of the author anyway. It seemed more like the book came from the opinions of very well known Indian “sex experts” (term very loosely used) and was actually written by their scribes or followers/ believers.

That aside however, it starts off on explanations on the different levels of passion in both men and women and of different kinds of sexual union and the right or wrong status of said unions according to Indian culture (no mention of which religion was subscribed to at the time, but am guessing it might have been Hindu- am not positive on that fact). After the first few chapters that discuss the do’s and dont’s of sex in a very narrow view, the rest of the book delves into the living situations of lovers and marriages and the guidelines need to follow a whole array of things such as; juggling lovers, seduction, extortion of lovers and love games as part of a climb to fame and fortune.

I will not lie, this read was purely out of curiosity and I am even a bit surprised that I managed to finish it (I’m notorious for book abandonment and floozyness with books). I certainly did not enjoy reading this book. It felt very biased to me as a woman and not at all considerate of all the factors that play into everyday life. It was too its-a-man’s-world for my liking, despite the fact that I knew it was written about a century ago and it was a man’s world then, I just kept forgetting the fact and sneering at the writer’s audacity as I read. My personal opinions aside, it is quite informative on many levels especially if you find yourself in a less than moral situation with no qualms about being selfish and hedonistic.

Rating: **

In other news, I am currently and hurriedly engrossed in my book club read for this September (happening on Friday the 28th- tomorrow people! yikes! at the iHub between 1&2 pm) “Purple Hibiscus” by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

Purple Hibiscus- Matatu reading

So far all I can say is…superb! I don’t think I will be going for lunch today 😉 can’t get enough. The discussion tomorrow should be interesting, stay tuned for a run-down this weekend.

Have a happy Thursday people!

Debutante Post, Yay!!!

“The Zahir, in Arabic, means visible, present, incapable of going unnoticed. It is someone or something which, once we have come into contact with them or it, gradually occupies our every thought, until we can think of nothing else. This can be considered either a state of holiness or madness”.

~ Paulo Coelho (The Zahir)~

So finally i started the  blog that I have been meaning to start for about a year now…Yes, I get very lazy and procrastinaty. Moving along though, I am super excited to be sharing all my whimsical thoughts and lovey dovey creations. It’s true most of my stories and poems have a common thing, they are mostly about love. As the powerpuff girls taught us- love, love, love, love, love, love love, makes the world go round. It is the one most powerful force in the universe and is the motive behind the biggest disaters and scandals to ever hit us. However, it is also the most inspiring and fulfilling entity that keeps up living for tomorrow. Enough of the mush though, I wrote a poem this morning that I think has something or other to do with love, I shan’t disclose or explain it, I will leave it to your able intellects to make of it what you will. I will be posting on other choice things but you’ll know when I do, after all who doesn’t love surprises? :}

My Zahir

A chance encounter,
Caused a disturbance,
Who are you?
The first seed.

An arranged meeting,
Emotions betrayed me,
What is this?
The Holiness.

Subsequent rendezvous,
I drowned a thousand times,
Why you?
The Madness.

A disappearance,
The time felt infinite,
Where are you?
The Zahir.

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