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Prodigal Writer Returns

Prodigal Writer Returns.


Prodigal Writer Returns


Hi folks!! I have been missing in action for a while and  I am rusty as nails left out in the rain all week. That being said, lets just be happy to see one another and worry too much about the time spent apart right? right! I knew you would understand 🙂 much obliged!

Moving along about books now. I have been somewhat of a promiscuous reader and I have stickied my fingers from having them in so many different pots at the same time lol!

So let me just present a short…er…maybe that’s not exactly accurate, but here follows a list nonetheless of all the  books I have had my nose in all for the past month:

Middlemarch by George Eliot

Horse Stealers and Other Stories by Anton Chekov

Clochemerle-les-Bains by Gabriel Chevallier (the funniest read by far)

Dance With Dragons by George R.R. Martin

and finally

Room by Emma Donoghue

They are all very thrilling and I will relish over them until they are all done and hopefully provide reviews for all of them soon. I have read other books during the  “vacation” that I took, but by now am sure I actually don’t remember some of the story lines- let alone some of the characters. Am I the only one that seems to forget about a book almost a week after reading it and then feel guilty about it? As if I feel like I have let down the characters in some way…Nobody??Anyone? Okay glad to see you’re all crazies then 😀 LOL!


Of course I was not just going to leave like that. Here’s a poem I wrote a while back and it made me a little melancholic when I reread it. Let it speak to the few of you out there that are ever in a bind. 



There are people in my curtains.

They tell me things. Nice things.

But only when I am alone.


They are not always around, no… Not always.

They talk to me un-summoned, always when I need.

Sometimes I want them to talk,

But only and always…when I need.


In my unspeakable bliss, they share it with me,

It was so, on my graduation.

In my knotty nervousness, they speak with calm and cool,

It was so on my wedding.

In my loneliest depression, they keep me company with banter,

It was so during my rehabilitation.


For now they are not talking.

I want them to

I am not in need however.

If they do talk, I will tell them everything.

About the tests,

The horrid stuff that makes me numb.

I will tell them all!

How the orderlies smile, indifferent in their mundaneness.

The nurses with their feigned love.

Behind those eyes- pity and fear.

When I sleep, they say my mind is gone,

And nobody cares about my hands being cold.

Yes, yes, I will tell.


Today I am sure they will talk.

Who? Why, the people in my curtains of course!

They whisper things, nice things.

But only when I am alone.


That’s all for today folks, now I am off to a most needed tea break 😉 Cheers!

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