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Reader’s Block

Reader’s Block

Hey, hey, hey!!! The week has begun on quite an upbeat tone, can’t wait to see how it ends however, that being said (no offense Monday- nobody likes you đŸ™‚ With all the hard partying and eating it was difficult to get through my weekend read, (did I mention the whole of Nairobi was at the Mingle event?…just explosive!!) and for some reason I am unable to read it in traffic in matatus. It might be a case of misplaced modesty or simple irritation at the interest with which I am suddenly regarded soon after unleashing my copy of “The Kamasutra” in a matatu. I may also have a bit of reader’s block (inability to get ahead in my reading), which is very frustrating at the moment, (sigh!!). So to help me in my quest to get back into the literary band wagon I picked up reading Sir Conan Author Doyle’s “The Valley of Fear“. There’s nothing quite like a good mystery thriller by the literary world’s most famous detective to get me back in the groove. Lets hope Sherlock Holmes works!!!

So since I could not possibly bring myself to abandon this post looking so malnourished, here is one of my poems to tide it over with. I wrote it a few years back…lets just say I have had a much brighter disposition since those dark days đŸ™‚ But to pay tribute to every life experience, a small piece of my soul i will expose today. Enjoy and a lovely week to ya!!


Can I borrow a heart?

For mine is broken.

I can carry it in a cart,

Even though it is loaded.

New things I must find,

To overwhelm the old.

The old I wild bind,

And trade them in for gold.

So, can I borrow a heart,

Before it starts to rain?

I will carry it in a cart,

To take away this pain.


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I am a self confessed bibliomaniac and tea addict in addition to an ever growing enchantment with perfume and aromatherapy, and this blog is about all my favourite things...books(duh!), tea (books-bestfriend) and the great beyond of all my hopelessly romantic fancies, poetry and fiction short stories.

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