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Book Club Hurrahs and Tea Musings :}

Book Club Hurrahs and Tea Musings :}

Hey Y’all! I had not initially intended to write a post today, but I just had to share the news. I found a book club!!!! yaay!!! Finally after literally years of looking for literary minds to discuss real books with, I found one. For those of you who have ever tried to join or start one  in Nairobi, you will believe me when I say its easier to find the Holy Grail (which has actually never been found…so thats a bad example) but  I digress. Th point is I found one at the IHub!! You can sign up and I will definitely be there every month in rain, sun, apocalypse.. (u get the picture) to chat and share about what’s on the book-list and other brilliant bookish ideas! So hip-hip hurrah for the readers in Nairobi!

There is also a book sharing initiative that I would like to spread the word on, because I just want more bookie-types crawling all over this city, yes! 😛 Its being driven by Wamathai, have a look and more than that, take part and share the booklovin pips!!

On another more delish note; I have been pleasantly surprised by Nestea instant ice teas. No surprise that I am always last to discover the  reason why some things were popular a few years back, but at least I made it. Anyhuu, having never been a fan of any kind of beverage that is prepared by instantly dissolving some manufactured powder in water, I was delighted when I tried Nestea (tropical flavor). To be honest I only did discover it this late because I urgently needed a water bottle and Nestea had a cheap one (1 litre bottle at 100 bob? wat! o_O!) that came with about 5 sachets free (or was it the other way around?). Either way, it was nice, end of story! There’s no need to get excited, this is only a temporary crush and my long-term relationship with steeped tea (the only kind I can really trust) is in no danger :} while we are on that topic, let me do a quick basic tea types analysis.


Types of Tea


Let me just start by saying all the above are actually from the same plant, Camellia sinensis (same as the kind grown in Limuru) but at different stages of oxidation. They are generally referred to as “true” teas which are different from herbal teas for the sake of distinction. White tea is un-oxidized and it follows through to Black tea being fully oxidized. All  that matters is that, they are all good for you but provide different kinds and levels of stimulants if u will.

Note :no scientific evidence can back this up however, just user reviews and comments, so please don’t quote me on this, thanks!!

White tea– not very commonly found in Nairobi, it has very little caffeine and brews a light color and flavor. It also contains healthy antioxidants and is the best for skin and complexion.

Green tea- it has only 5-10% the caffeine in coffee per cup. It contains healthy antioxidants. They help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range, are good for skin and teeth, and can be used as part of your diet to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. This is very popular at the moment (esp. among health aware circles) due to its health benefits. Can’t go wrong!

Oolong tea- it has approximately 15% of the caffeine in one cup of coffee.  Most people commonly recognize oolong tea as the Chinese tea served in Chinese restaurants. Oolong teas can be a healthy part of your weight loss plan.

And finally…

Black tea-   it has approximately 20% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee. Black teas help maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range,  as well as helping to maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system. Black tea which I like to call “Kenya’s good-morning” since no Kenyan can tell me that they have never had a cup of Chai. Lets just say this is what comes to mind when tea is discussed in my country (flavored with half milk and sugar mostly). Some places, especially in shags (rural) the sugar is simply added while its cooking (forget about the diabetics- those are urban diseases in their opinions, lol!) And yes, it is cooked and not steeped or dipped. Brings back memories of venomous stares from my mama, back when I was learning the kitchen ropes and dared to commit the mortal crime of making her afternoon tea with a steeped tea bag, instead of brewing it! Alas, the post has gotten too long…I forget myself when tea is the agenda :}

Watch out for my Herbal teas ramble…



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