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“A Song of Fire and Ice: Feast for Crows”

Hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine, had tons of fun laughing, cooking, eating but most importantly reading!! I just love finishing a book over the weekend, because that means that my Monday gets to be a bit less dreary by starting a fresh book! Yes, yes there is no greater joy to this week, but alas! i miss the point.

Today’s post will be on the review of the book I just conquered, “A Song of Fire and Ice: A Feast for Crows” by George R.R. Martin. While I rarely like to read popular works, being the closet-snobby-book-hipster that I am with a preference for the classics, I just could not resist the call of the famously popular epic fantasy series that Martin has churned out. I will confess, I discovered the books soon after I thoroughly enjoyed watching the HBO hit series ” A Game of Thrones” which I watched on DVD. I didn’t read the first book since I knew how it was going to end from the series (with the beheading of our beloved Lord Eddard Stark :(, real tragedy) and that was enough of a spoiler to get me to overlook the first book. However, my appetite had been whetted for the second book, “A Clash of Kings” and so the love affair with  a member of the “dreaded” pop-lit began. I will review the 4th book since I feel the others have gone stale for me as I read them a while back.

The fourth book  “A Song of Fire and Ice: A Feast for Crows” starts off where the third one ( “A Song of Fire and Ice: A Storm of Swords) left off, with the battle among  four kings’ claims to the Iron Throne of Westeros, One of them (Renly Baratheon) having been killed in the prequel. We encounter half of the characters from the previous books as they continue to find their way through the land of the Seven Kingdoms and pick up the pieces of their lives after the battles are done, but the war wages on off the battlefield. New alliances are made and more characters are killed as we follow Sansa Stark still in King’s Landing and her unexpected groom. Arya Stark is still missing and having adventures at every turn. The Ironmen on their endeavor to be part of the war still hold the Northlands and grow ever more ambitious. Cersei and her twin Jaime continue to struggle to live up to their tryant father Lord Tywin. Samwell Tarly and his escapades with the dreaded Others on the Wall. The Martells of Sunspear in Dorne, Brienne of Tarth and a few other minor and surprising characters that help to sweeten the tale. By the end of the book, only two kings are left to claim the Iron Throne, with more betrayal taking place on every page.

“A Feast for Crows” follows in the epic fantasy footsteps of its prequels and generally of  Martin’s other books (titles of which can be found here). The books have been compared in the past to the works of J.R.R Tolkien (author of the “Lord of the Rings” series), and I have to agree there is some similarity between the books. They are both epic fantasies about a fictional world full of amazing landscapes and great beasts and unusual characters that are oddly relatable to the readers. Yet the similarities end there, while Tolkien’s works were instant classics in my opinion, they were very clear-cut in terms of telling the story of good triumphing over evil. Though the saga was fraught with lots of twists and turns, the plot and the characters were maturely developed, yet remained simple, and we either loved them or hated them. On the other hand, Martin’s works are full of unexpected heroes and villains and his plot development a big mind-boggling, but all the same very entertaining. His characters are very complex and bring to mind the good and bad in all of us, which lead me to be constantly be confused over whether I love them or hate them.

As much as I loved the book, this installment lacked the fevered excitement I found so compelling in the second and third books. It moved along at a sustained pace however, with a shocking end to every chapter that provided the needed push to tackle the next chapter.

Rating: ****

Now that I have started on my fresh book, look out for a review next Monday. Happy week people!!


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